We view our venturing not so much as a risk but as a bold, exciting journey to help sustain the flow of human, digital and material resources that businesses worldwide use to produce the materials that benefit mankind.

Every man-made material produced is to some degree composed of natural resources. And every manufacturing process leaves waste. We go beyond delivering natural and material resources to industries worldwide. We help them find alternatives to traditional sources by finding productive uses for the discarded materials that would otherwise go to disposal after the natural and material resources have gone through production processes.

As a company we support the idea of waste reuse by finding productive uses for discarded materials in place of established dumping. We are therefore in the forefront of the by-product synergy initiative whereby manufacturing wastes are considered as potentially valuable resources where one company’s thrash becomes another company’s feedstock. What we do is simply identifying the need of company A, matching and supplying that need with the waste stream from company B.

We also support the idea of keeping resources in use for as long as possible. We believe that countries and businesses need to move from a system of waste to a system of reuse by keeping resources in use and extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use. This idea called circular economy is the polar opposite of the traditional linear economy of make, use and dispose.

We are always seeking opportunities to try and keep resources always in flow and in so doing partner with company and institutions that keep similar vision. And we invest our own resources – human, material and financial to maintain the vision and keep resources in flow.

Natural and Material Resources Venturing

The materials or substances that are naturally occurring in nature that we exploit for the benefit of the people of our planet include ores, metals and industrial minerals, including their semi-processed and fully refined derivatives which become the vital raw materials that are used by industries worldwide.

We are engaged in actual physical trading of these resources and meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quantity, quality, and timely delivery.

We are also a supplier of critical and non-critical raw material for industries. We focus on sourcing difficult-to-find raw materials for our customers. And we do it in an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner. We are much more than the traditional, general distributor, or raw material importer. We can stand as collaborators in our clients’ product life-cycle management, helping them to maintain constant supply of key materials for ongoing production and making sure their raw material requests receive all the quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness it merits.

We represent industrial raw material manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and Africa. In addition, we have enjoyed long-term, exclusive agency agreements for various markets with several producers worldwide, ensuring continuity of representation and distribution for our customers on a competitive basis. We also capitalize on our extensive industry knowledge, long standing relationships, and proven reputation of integrity and reliability to bring success for our customer.